We refuse to be controlled.
We do everything in our power to disrupt the status quo.
We fuck around with people’s perceptions, and with power structures.

Artist collectives leverage the standard and impact of art.
We share, create, collaborate, address and experiment in an open-minded, freethinking space.
We feed off (rather than feel threatened by) each other’s diverse experience, skills and knowledge.
Our alliance is made up of artists from diverse art disciplines, resulting in high quality, challenging collaborative work that takes no prisoners.

We respect and value the process of creating.
Our work poses questions, provokes thought and changes the way audiences think about pertinent, current social issues.

We experiment with alternative models of education.
We experiment with and promote the use of alternative currencies.
Our collective currently spans six different countries around the world.
grrr Kollective Members: Serge Basila Esi-Esimbi, Jessica Doucha, Amber-Jade Geldenhuys, Gina Kraft, Claire Rousell, MC Roodt.

Exhibition Period 21 July -21 August 2016  –  Johannesburg Public Library – Third Floor

An exhibition that weaves together folklore, folktales, myths, oral storytelling traditions and fairytales invoking the sometimes-forgotten enchantment of losing oneself in books. Stories are integral to delving deeply into who we are as individuals and as part of a culture. They help us to understand our wounds but also remind us of our potential to become the heroes of our own stories. Folkstories enable us to tap into archetypes that connect us to other humans all over the world and deep into our collective history, from where we can draw strength and guidance in a world that can seem overwhelming and hurried.

The opening included a group performance by workshopped and performed by Rosemary Candelario (USA), Claire Rousell (JHB), Serge Basila (DRC), Gina Kraft (JHB), Linzi Lewis (JHB), Jessica Doucha (JHB) and Milton Milaras (JHB).

Stills by Mark Haines and Tim Slab

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