Residencies // Exchanges // Exhibitions

September 2016

Kim Lieberman‘s Studio, Arts on Main. Maboneng Precinct. Johannesburg.


During the month of September I exchanged a mezzanine studio space in Kim Lieberman’s studio, for skills based work. By night I took slumber in The Main Street Life Art hotel and by day I would work in the studio, assisting Kim in completing one of her cable lace commissions.

I curated a small space upstairs called Below ground.


The space consisted of an array of works, ranging from prints to an installation of found, hand-made and bronze casted objects. A series of mixed media collage works on paper, created a narrative on the vertical wall plane, while the objects displayed on the floor invited the viewer to engage with the work from a downward perspective.

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The show explored  narratives of gravity, depth perception, macrocosmic and microcosmic realities. Binary themes of life, death, procreation, destruction, creation, tangible, the intangible are subtly repeated through visual metaphors.

September 2015 –  December 2016
Semester Exchange program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Classes attended:
Sonic Forms by Floor Van der Velde
Performance Open Studios with Danielle Abrams

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September 2015 – January 2016

While on my semester exchange I resided in Fort Point at 249 A street Studios and participated in the Annual Fall Open Studios 2015.


January 2016  // J Term  // Harvard Graduate School of Design

BOSTON PUBLIC ART LAB: The course “Public Art Lab: curating, permitting, and producing ephemeral civic interventions (INT 0002100)”, will explore the initiatives between design, production, and realization, with invitations to key figures of the City of Boston, and various perspectives from City Planners and Chief Directors of Arts to present their perspectives on creating cities that are enliven by public art.

Course by: Ethan Vogt, Jutta Friedrichs, Wendy W Fok


September – December 2014.

Remed’s View  // Maboneng Precinct   //  Johannesburg

This residency was a self-initiated project I undertook during in my Third year of university in exchange with Propertuity and Remed’s View. I opened a pop up gallery space in mid November based on the notion of empowering students to bridge the gap between being a student and a professional artist. The show consisted of 15 participating 1st – 4th year students from The university of Johannesburg (FADA), Photo Market Workshop and the Design school of Pretoria