January 2016 

BOSTON PUBLIC ART LAB: The course “Public Art Lab: curating, permitting, and producing ephemeral civic interventions (INT 0002100)”, will explore the initiatives between design, production, and realization, with invitations to key figures of the City of Boston, and various perspectives from City Planners and Chief Directors of Arts to present their perspectives on creating cities that are enliven by public art.

Course by: Ethan Vogt, Jutta Friedrichs, Wendy W Fok

September 2016
below ground. Studio 19, Arts on Main. Maboneng Precinct. Johannesburg.

The space consisted of an array of works, ranging from prints to an installation of found, hand-made and bronze casted objects. A series of mixed media collage works on paper, created a narrative on the vertical wall plane, while the objects displayed on the floor invited the viewer to engage with the work from a downward perspective.

November 2016 – January 2017

Mooi River, KWAzulu natal, south africa

Nestled in a vast expansive landscape of hills and cows, horses and stables, dams and irrigation systems, rivers, trees and distant mountains lies a place called the Falconer Foundry. This majestic sanctuary is situated on the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg mountains, just outside of Mooi River in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. On a clear day, from the top of a hill, you can see the supine, slumbering giant rest amongst his castle. The sun and rains are abundant here in the summer season, the vegetation is lush and juicy, perfect conditions for the expansive farmlands that extend into the distant horizons.

Life, death, life, breath.
Life, death, life, breath.
Water, earth, fire, wind and ether,
Elements that bind us, as life forms and creatures.
I’m an open, mouldable and adaptable being,
Pressed and heated, in search of freeing,
My thoughts and practice work with nature.
She is my deepest teacher.
To appease her,
I hear her,
Cease her,
Seek her.
I conceive of her,
To of speak her,
Breathe her,
Trace her
For in my truth I can only believe her.
Of alchemy and cycle,
Of ebb and flow.
To accept, to learn,
To assimilate and grow.
Together we are shaped and shifted with precision and love,
In the details of sentience, we are hand and glove.
We wax and we wane, prevail and get lost,
When ours shells are broken, our essence is embossed.
And whilst working with magic we are guided and wrought,
With this come patience, pursuit and the will to be taught.
Life, death, life, breath.
Immortal, mortal.
Life, death, life, breath.

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