Jessica’s practice has many languages. She considers herself a maker, a narrative creator, a philosophical thinker, a finder of decontextualized objects, one who draws, sculpts, writes. Recently her focus is geared towards experiential performance and installation practices. Linked to inhabiting ones full spectrum of corporeal embodiment, she positions herself in conversation with site-specific responsive actions or gestures.  These moments are ephemeral, sometimes documented, sometimes archived, sometimes recorded, sometimes inscribed, other times lost, even forgotten.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in January 1986,  Jessica identifies as an interdisciplinary visual artist. She is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher (2007 – 2011)  and B-Tech Honours graduate from the University of Johannesburg (2012 – 2015). She has been selected as a finalist in the following prestigious South African art competitions: Sasol New signatures, Absa L’Atelier, Thami Mnyeni Fine Art Awards, PPC imaginarium.

In 2016 she received a semester exchange bursary to the Museum School of Fine Arts, in Boston, focusing on Sound art and Performance art and participated in an  intensive 10-day Public Art Lab class at Harvard Graduate School of Design. She lived in Fort Point studios during this 5 month period. Later that year she spent 3 months in residency at the Falconer Foundry, a local Bronze casting foundry based in Kwa Zulu Natal.

She has been freelancing as a muralist since 2004 and has built an extensive client base, both privately and within the corporate realm. She has worked as a curator, workshop facilitator, project manager and participated in numerous group shows, both nationally and internationally.