Open Lab. 2017

For its 2017 annual winter sculpture exhibition, NIROX inaugurates its program for ongoing collaboration with public institutions to produce and exhibit sculpture, installation and live performance in the NIROX Sculpture Park. 12 dynamic curators appointed by 6 South African universities appropriate the park, to express their own insights through the work of 50 alumni artists who experienced their adulthood after the fall of apartheid – with all its promises, hopes and challenges. Historically the vanguard of change, universities and their relations with society could not be more relevant or center stage than they are today. The exhibition brings the universities into conversation with the public and encourages discourse amongst themselves and their students through public walkabouts, workshops and talks before and during the exhibition. Seldom do curators and artists have the opportunity to come together to express their concerns on this scale, with this latitude.



  • Hole. May 7th. Nirox Sculpture Park. Winter Fair Preview.
  • Dissonance & Resonance. May 13th. In collaboration with Gina Kraft, Lucy Jane Turpin, Tubatsi Moloi, Leratro Lichaba, Simangaliso Dlamini  (Urban Village). Nirox Sculpture park. Winter fair Public Opening.
  • (w)hole. June 14th. Nirox Sculpture Park.
  • hole(w)hole. September 3rd. Nirox Sculpture Park