january  2018  –  june 2018.
co-assistant curator with khumo sebambo

”The danger of a single story”, a quote by writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie from her Ted Talk is the starting point of the exhibition and the inspiration for the title for The NIROX Foundation’s annual winter exhibition.

The exhibition combines existing works with new productions that will occupy and transform the landscape. Titled NOT A SINGLE STORY, the exhibition is dominated by women artists in a response to a very singular art history. The artists represent a diversity of perspectives as they range from forerunners to emerging artists within contemporary art in South Africa, the African diaspora, Sweden and internationally.

The exhibition and its comprehensive educational programming aimed at children and youth to expand understanding of life and art, is supported by The Swedish Postcode Lottery. The exhibition NOT A SINGLE STORY and the educational exchange with talks, tours and workshops is presented in the NIROX Winter Exhibition Program context.


Equanimity. July 26 May. Not a Single Story, Nirox Sculpture park, Cradle of Humankind.

Educational Programmes/workshops

  •  Walking, Seeing ,Being. Alexander Technique and Bohm Dialogue Workshop. Facilitated by Lucia Walker, Sharyn West and Hester Reeve.
  • Land Art Workshop, developed for the Junior French  School. Grade 2.
  • Internship program. Facilitated & developed with Khumo Sebambo from February – June.

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