Heima Art Residency.

Winter 2019 – 2020. Location: Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Heima. Sense of Home, of being lost and found in the same infinite time.

lost and found. safe and sound.


A sense of security, absurdity, trusting people. Playfulness. Harmony and acceptance of all the aspects of being. Ground. God. Sense of community. Adaptability. Accepting pain and suffering as part of growth. Forgiveness. The difference between fear and intuition. Intense vulnerability. I am nothing.


A sense of time. A sense of boundaries. Need to control people. Guard.  The concept of existential guilt. Sense of need approval from others. Sense of individual identity. Need to label the things which I cannot fully understand with my intellect.

North American term for lost property. noun. a room in a public place for items left behind and from which the owners may retrieve them.
Lost property. British a place where lost articles are stored to await retrieval by their owners.

The notion of returning to myself. Seeing myself without the psychological burden of everyday safety. Paranoia of being harmed by another human, expecting something bad to happen, to oneself, to one’s home, to one’s belongings to one’s family. guarded. survival.

Perception of value is ambiguous.

Valued objects. Valuables. Values as in morality.


Safety.  Survival.

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