Collaboration with Marco Miehling (GER) 2020/2021


How do we allocate ourselves and the work we are doing responding to remote places within a different cultural framework? The new circumstances inevitably affect our preconceptions of the local and the global, how we move between the two states, and the artworks we create.

Whereas the local takes place in the territory of a specific place, culture, and time, the global emancipates itself from this specificity, attaining what is described as universal validity. The relationship between the local and the global (and the attraction of moving between the two) is one of the main factors in the discourse of climate change. It therefore becomes our shared responsibility – as the creatives, the artists, designers, and others – to imagine new ecological futures…

Sections: Ongoing
Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, UK
Passivated Mild Steel

At the same time but at different places, the installations in different countries will respond to each other activated by performances.

PERFORMANCE REHEARSAL ONE. Nirox Sculpture Park. 10/02/2021.

Improvisation with Cécile Lassonde (FR)

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