Constantly something to think about/ constamment quelque chose à penser. 2020-2022.

NIROX FOUNDATION. Location Johannesburg, South Africa. Coordinates – 25.9860° S, 27.7827° E

dwell in, dwell on, a dwelling. here we inhabit. We are inhabitants. our lives, an unfolding performance, life, a play. navigating time, space, distance, language, measures. taking measurements. taking time. Calculating. holding space. a flexible home, an object, a symbol, a metaphor, a process. The beginning. New page. New chapter. 

Our project is fundamentally experiential & discursive. We are interested in creating temporary sacred community spaces to share, explore & dialogue through. Cecile began building the flex yurt in 2020, in Brussels during the first global lockdown. We were searching to create a safe space to exist in ones isolation, yet also somehow together. A place/space, a temporary, ever changing, constantly something to think about, sense of home, sense of belonging somewhere, with someone. The project is a metaphor for a held, safe, community healing space. A temporary space to allow the audience to enter a self reflexive state of being, a moment in solitude, in vulnerability. 

The work by nature is site specific & adaptable. It can function as an indoor or outdoor installation. Our yurt is a portable, waterproof circular dwelling made of a lattice of flexible poles. Historically, it’s a symbol for nomadic communities & currently represents an alternative lifestyle to that of the typical western notions of what it means to have a home, to settle down, to be grounded.

We have 2 versions of the yurt structure. The moon/ La Lune in Johannesburg, The sun/ le soleil in Bruxelles.

This story is one that is unfinished, unfurling, unfolding.


SEE U. Location: Bruxelles, Belgium. Coordinates – 50.822986107494344, 4.387304569317562

On a two month studio residency, at SEEU, we created the ‘sun’/ le soleil.

 I lay this to rest.

A performative action emerged from inhabiting the space. A practice in letting go, laying something to rest. The scarf is representative of a thought form, something we intentionally enter the space with, it is a prayer link gesture, bowing to the earth, crawling into the metaphorical womb. The objective of the repeated ritualistic gesture is to notice the mind & body’s response to the action carried out. Perhaps its a simple game or something more self reflective and pensive. Does one want to look at one’s fears,  habits,past or projected future? Can one open a space of acceptance & forgiveness with the thought form?

One has to bow, crawl, place one’s hands on the ground to enter, exit & to be seen. We have developed a performative ritual ‘experiment’ focusing on a moving meditation within the structure of the artwork. A silk scarf is placed in the space. The repetitive, performative action of trying to lay the cloth to rest, becomes a play with one’s body, breath, patience & willingness to move a little deeper into one’s state of consciousness. The process is durational for each individual. The ‘prompt’ to leave the space would be once the individual is completely satisfied with how the cloth has landed on the floor.

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