Osedd/Unseen. Wanas Konst. 2020.

If I am nothing, then I am everything. If I am alive then I must fully accept my own death. Here, now, in this moment in time and space, my goal is to attain a higher level of being, of presence, self awareness, of embodiment, of being human, part of the whole, more grounded, accepting gravity. This desire, this wish, this initiative is a positive, active, creative force. In my mind, however, there is the habitual tendency towards a negative passive inertia. These are dual forces, dualistic thought forms. Perhaps they will counterbalance one another, revealing a neutrality, or infinitely revolve around one another, or one thought form absorbs the other, producing no results what so ever. If one will completely conquer the other, can this destruction occur without possessiveness, violence and ferocity?

What if a third form can make an appearance?  A new form, new knowledge, a new perspective?

And yet, I cannot fully comprehend this idea, assimilate it into my entire being, allow a sedimentary crystallization to form. This takes time, patience, understanding, and evolution. My subjective world of observing phenomena is only relatively real and incomplete.

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